A lot of folks ask us the same question over and over again. Where does our wood come from? Well that’s a little bit of a complicated answer. The majority of our logs are purchased from State and Federal Timber sales. We buy logs that are normally referred to as pulp, which means they are not suitable for lumber manufacturing. The State of Washington logs and sells timber/trees in order to help offset construction costs for new public schools and hospitals.

Most of the logs we buy from Federal timber sales are for forest fire fuel reduction. This means they are logging the dead standing dry trees out of a forest in order to help prevent the starting and to slow down the progress forest fires. If these trees were not harvested they would be left to rot and help forest fires grow and become larger.

The third main source of logs for us is from local Tree Farms. Property owners around the area grow trees on set rotations and harvest them when they become mature. Once the trees are harvested the ground is replanted for another crop of trees.

In the end C & C Timber strives to source materials from renewable tree farms and utilize no merchantable logs/lefts overs from logging operations.