C & C Timber, Inc. was founded by brothers Chad and Codie Cundiff in January of 2009. In the early days the brothers followed around a couple large area loggers and cleaned up landings after logging operations. After several years of doing that they started to set roots and start a yard based firewood operations. Originally based out of the old saw mill location in Port Gamble, they moved to the current location in June of 2015 off Ecology Lane in Kingston.

To this day both brothers work everyday in the operation. The company values each and every customer and vows to produce a high quality product at a reason and affordable price.

The journey of firewood starts when a log truck delivers whole logs into the yard. Usually the loads are mixed species. Logs are then sorted, unloaded into piles and stored as raw log inventory for sometimes up to a year. As orders are processed the logs are then loaded into the firewood processor that cuts, split and then conveyors the wood into our delivery trucks.

Due to the fact we have a large inventory of both logs and processed firewood, we can accept larger orders and while maintaining a short and reasonable delivery time frame in the busy fall and winter months.

After many years of hard work and dedication to delivering a high quality product, they have grown the business to be the largest firewood producer for Vashon Island and surrounding area.

Cutting & Splitting